Hamburg, Germany
per person 50
  • Beginner
  • Young Adults
  • 2 hours
  • Deutsch, English
  • 75%


You want to write melodies that captivate the listener?

You want to learn to write better tunes?

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The central theme of the next workshop (the opener of 8-part workshop series) is the vocal melody.

It is the element that most draws the listener into the music and the longest stays in the memory.

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In this workshop you will learn based on the following three topics

1) Analysis - 2) Theory - 3) Practice

to write better tunes:

+ Learn from the big: Melody Analysis of Hit Songs

+ Theory about melody History

+ Which sounds fit?

+ Generate drama and contrasts

Write catchy melodies themselves: + practice

+ Practice: Improving own melodies

+ Practice: Improvisation of vocal melodies

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Cost Single workshop: 50 € / 2h

Cost Single workshop: 40 € / 2h (reduced)

Cost 8-week course: € 320 / 16h


U-Bahnhof Leinestraße

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